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Midwest Nice Legislative Stamp of Approval - Mondays with Michelle 5/6/24

By michelle

The other day, I talked to voters about why investing in a campaign like mine matters. You see, my district, Indiana House District 60, comprises bedroom communities, rural spaces, and one county seat. I keep explaining to people: two precincts in Monroe Co., 13 precincts in Johnson Co., and 33 precincts in Morgan Co. That helps them place where I am on a map. And then they nod and say, “Wow. Tough campaign.”

Indiana Report Card

Indiana Right to Life - Survey Response

By michelle
After I filed as a candidate to run for Indiana House District 60, I started receiving surveys from various political organizations eager to vet candidates on their specific issues. The survey deadlines vary, and this one demanded a response by March 1st, 2024. I contacted Indiana Right to Life on February 21st, 2024, asking for citations to specific legislation that they reference, but it is now March 1st, and I have received no response. So here are my comments for your public review.