Redesigning The Indiana Diploma: Coming to a School Near You with a photo collage of Michelle Higgs testifying at the State Board of Education public hearing, the opening slide "Rethinking High School: The Future of the Indiana Diploma" and the IDOE website image "Redesigning the Indiana Diploma" showing a classroom and apple in the background

Education - My Personal Stake in the Proposed New Diploma Requirements

By michelle

[In less than 24 hours, I rearranged my schedule so I could attend the public hearing of the State Board of Education as they presented the first draft of their proposed high school graduation requirements and listened to public comments. As the parent of an incoming 7th grader who will be directly impacted by these decisions, I definitely had some questions and concerns.  Seeing several glaring gaps in infrastructure, with further demands on our most underfunded schools, and lack of acknowledgment for the unique needs of rural schools (e.g.

Image of Rainbow Heart that reads, "Choose Love: Celebrate Pride Month"

June is PRIDE Month - What Does Allyship Mean?

By michelle
Image of Candidates at Greenwood Pride

Pictured at Greenwood Pride from L-R: Katrina Owens (Candidate for SD 32), Josh King (JOCO Dems Vice Chair), Jennifer McCormick (Candidate for Governor), Saad Tawfeeq (candidate Johnson Co. Council), Cinde Wirth (Candidate for CD 24), Michelle Higgs (Candidate for HD 60), Suzanne Fortenberry (Candidate for SD 36) 

Solid cylinder image (blue and orange) with orange square ("This is True") and blue cirlce ("This is True") projected on opposing walls. Underneath solid cylinder it reads, "This is Truth"

It's All About Perspective...What Do You See?

By michelle

It’s All About Perspective…What Do We See?
Mondays with Michelle - May 13, 2024

Recently, a friend sent me the above image showing seemingly different shapes projected on a wall. However, they are part of a single solid image that neither projection fully represents. While the aspect of the wall projections is individually true,  the perspective must change to see the full truth of the image.

Torn images of a small town and the Indiana Statehouse with a yellow smiley face that has dollar signs for eyes centered between the two.

Midwest Nice Legislative Stamp of Approval - Mondays with Michelle 5/6/24

By michelle

The other day, I talked to voters about why investing in a campaign like mine matters. You see, my district, Indiana House District 60, comprises bedroom communities, rural spaces, and one county seat. I keep explaining to people: two precincts in Monroe Co., 13 precincts in Johnson Co., and 33 precincts in Morgan Co. That helps them place where I am on a map. And then they nod and say, “Wow. Tough campaign.”