• I believe we hold in tension the foundational principles of LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, recognizing that these ideals are interconnected and must be balanced to ensure that all individuals have the opportunity to live fulfilling lives with respect and dignity.
  • I believe state government should work with local governments and agencies, not against them.
  • I believe state legislators should protect the interests of local businesses and local families, not sell us out to out-of-state and foreign corporations who exploit our bodies and extract our resources.
  • I believe state policies should reflect the needs and values of all constituents, not just special interest groups and lobbyists.
  • I believe Indiana needs to reimagine our state slogan: "Indiana, a state that works...for everyone."

Here are some of the ideas I would like to explore with constituents:

Employment & Economic Stability

  • Focus on sustainable employment opportunities that foster stability in the workforce - not just “job creation” that fosters the “gig economy”.
  • Protect workers by advocating for living wages and robust benefits.
  • Expand our workforce - Advocate for policies that address the unique challenges faced by single parents and low-income Hoosiers, mitigating the “economic cliff effect” through targeted policies.
  • Promote skilled trade apprenticeships and accelerated degree programs through educational partnerships that align with the demands of the job market.
  • Support labor union-oriented job creation initiatives to empower workers and foster economic growth.

Child and Family Well-being

  • Protect our children - prioritize education over economic exploitation, ensuring that our children receive quality learning experiences.
  • Safeguard social safety nets, streamline access to benefits, and make essential programs like the Child Tax Credit permanent.
  • Expand access to affordable childcare through subsidies and tax credits for both individuals and employers.

Healthcare and Mental Wellness

  • Ensure equitable access to healthcare, including Medicaid protection.
  • Protect women's reproductive freedom.
  • Promote patient care over profiteering - combat healthcare monopolies and shareholder influence disrupting the patient/doctor relationship.
  • Continue advocacy for affordable prescription medications.
  • Streamline healthcare processes and reduce bureaucracy, ensuring continuity of care for chronic diseases and long-term health conditions.
  • Enhance mental health services, particularly for children, and fully fund crisis care resources like 988.
  • Support and expand rural healthcare and telehealth solutions.
  • Support efforts towards implementing universal single-payer healthcare.
  • Harm Reduction Works - Increase addiction recovery initiatives.

Affordable And Safe Housing

  • “Keep Our Neighbors In Their Homes” - Protect housing for Hoosiers on fixed Incomes, advocating for tax credits for homeowners and landlords.
  • Advocate for tenant protections and community land trusts to ensure fair, safe, and affordable housing opportunities.
  • Expand pathways to homeownership and safeguard local properties from foreign and corporate housing and land grabs.
  • Support “Housing First” Initiatives to address homelessness.


  • Prioritize clean air, water, and soil, safeguarding natural resources for future generations.
  • Protect our vital ecosystems of forests, wetlands, and watersheds - our water is not a commodity for sale.
  • Invest in renewable and sustainable energy.

Communication / Utilities

  • Expand broadband access and enhance rural cell phone coverage so every Hoosier is connected.
  • Promote the implementation of microgeneration grants for solar and wind power installations on private properties. Restore the benefit that enables utility companies to compensate Hoosiers for surplus energy fed back into the grid.
  • Stop predatorial utility rate increases and fees.
  • Advocate for fair utility practices - end utility company monopolies.
  • Return to Energy Efficiency policies.


  • Fully fund public education.
  • Reinvest in technical training in high schools, community colleges, and trade schools.
  • Support teachers and librarians as the highly trained professionals that they are.
  • Ensure transparency and accountability for schools receiving taxpayer funds through voucher programs.
  • Direct surplus funds from tax referendums towards K-12 public schools, alleviating the burden on property taxes.

Community Safety

  • Support state policies that safeguard our veterans, law enforcement, and first responders through a range of initiatives aimed at providing resources, benefits, and recognition for their service and contributions.
  • Invest in mental health and wellness programs specifically tailored to the needs of veterans, law enforcement, and first responders. 
  • Support community policing initiatives, which involve law enforcement officers building strong relationships with residents while working collaboratively to address local safety concerns. This can help build trust, improve communication, and enhance public safety.
  • Encourage restorative justice programs that provide assistance to victims of crime and facilitate healing through restorative justice practices.
  • Provide alternatives to incarceration for individuals struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues.
  • Support sensible gun safety laws that prioritize measures to curb gun violence.