June is PRIDE Month - What Does Allyship Mean?

By michelle
Image of Rainbow Heart that reads, "Choose Love: Celebrate Pride Month"
Image of Candidates at Greenwood Pride

Pictured at Greenwood Pride from L-R: Katrina Owens (Candidate for SD 32), Josh King (JOCO Dems Vice Chair), Jennifer McCormick (Candidate for Governor), Saad Tawfeeq (candidate Johnson Co. Council), Cinde Wirth (Candidate for CD 24), Michelle Higgs (Candidate for HD 60), Suzanne Fortenberry (Candidate for SD 36) 
[Not pictured: Blythe Potter (Candidate for Johnson County Council), Michael Potter (Candidate for HD 47)

Topic: June is PRIDE Month -What Does Allyship Mean?

One of the wonderful things about attending a Pride event as an ally is watching people I love relax fully into their beautiful, joy-filled humanity.  I don’t think we realize just how monochrome our world has become until it is set beside rainbow flags, sequins, and bright smiles. PRIDE gives me hope. HOPE THAT freedom hard won will not be lost to those who have given in to fear and hate. HOPE THAT dualistic, binary thinking falls apart when it is met with the full spectrum of love.

While attending Greenwood Pride, I came across a booth called “Grief and Joy”. On display was a large, white flipboard with various post-it notes attached around the heading “How Does Your Grief & Joy Coexist?”. Each handwritten note told a story of love and loss - that intersection of grief and joy so familiar to our  LGBTQIA+ siblings. They have become a sacred container for stories of survival and triumph. We would do well to listen and learn. And when we are called upon, we must stand in solidarity! We must do all we can to protect - speak up and speak out against discrimination and hate; educate ourselves, our friends and our families about LGBTQIA+ issues; and, especially for me, advocate for policies that fully support our LGBTQIA+ communities. 

While we celebrate PRIDE through the joyful month of June, PRIDE expands throughout every day of every year!

White posterboard with colorful post-it notes of handwritten comments under the heading "How Does Your Grief & Joy Coexist?"


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