Remembering Those Who Gave The Greatest Sacrifice

By michelle
Collage image that reads "Remember and Honor" with US flags, soldier boots and memorial.

Remember Those Who Gave The Greatest Sacrifice
Mondays with Michelle May 27, 2024

This Memorial Day, Let Us Not Take Their Sacrifice In Vain

When I think of the many soldiers who have died so that my family and I could live in a country that advocates for freedom and democracy, I am humbled beyond measure. We must all do our part so that their sacrifice has not been in vain. Unity does not mean conformity. Freedom does not mean freedom for some. Democracy does not mean only certain voices and votes matter. 

This Memorial Day, I invite everyone to see past the flags and flagstones, to the individuals who said, “Yes!” to the call of civil service and served their country with everything they had. Let’s do them proud by remembering their sacrifice through our own renewed commitment to freedom and democracy.

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