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Here are some campaign highlights and what’s coming up ahead

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Michelle attended Johnson County’s Candidate Forum hosted by the League of Women Voters on Tuesday, April 23rd.

“Indiana House District 60 candidate Michelle Higgs, a Democrat, said she is “committed to the truth that every Hoosier deserves a safe and affordable home.” Higgs said she is a small landlord who provides affordable and stable housing for her tenants and has been organizing statewide for the last seven years. If elected, she hopes to pass legislation that protects tenants and curbs rising utility costs, especially for disabled people and senior citizens, she said.” - Daily Journal

Here’s the full transcript of Michelle’s 90-second speech. She packed A LOT into a minute-and-a-half!

Hi I’m Michelle Higgs, running for State Rep for House District 60, which includes 13 precincts from Johnson Co. I’m running because

I am committed to the truth that every Hoosier deserves a safe and affordable home, AND

the freedom to live in the community of their choosing.

I am running for state rep to create & support policies that help individuals and families who want to call Indiana home.

I became a small landlord to provide affordable and stable housing for my community.  

I’ve also done statewide organizing for the last 7 years, and

some of the housing issues I’ve advocated for include:

  • Rent relief and eviction moratoriums during Covid as well as
  • Tenant protection from predatory landlords

As a state legislator, I want to pass legislation that finally provides

  • Housing Habitability Standards to protect renters
  • Housing First Initiatives to help our homeless
  • and let’s curb rising utility costs so Hoosiers don’t have to choose between food or electricity

I believe we must do all we can to

  • Keep Hoosiers in their homes, especially those on fixed income, like our disabled community and senior citizens

I really want to look at what causes housing insecurity

  • Predatory leases (which also affect small businesses);
  • Rising property taxes;
  • Out-of-state corporations buying up our affordable housing;
  • and skyrocketing Utilities.

Lastly, I want to:

  • Prioritize veteran housing. When our men and women commit to serving our country, we need to commit to them.

If you live in House District 60, I am asking for your time, talent, and treasure. Most importantly, I am asking for your vote!

Meet The Candidate

On Thursday, April 25th, the Foxcliff South Clubhouse was abuzz with conversation and collaboration as the Friends of Michelle Higgs hosted a Meet the Candidate event. Michelle spoke with voters about her vision for Indiana as well as her concerns over school voucher expansion impacting rural schools, the erosion of wetlands protections, and the loss of reproductive healthcare.

IU Sniper

Michelle’s Statement Regarding IU’s Response to Student Protests


“There's something happening here
But what it is ain't exactly clear
There's a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware
I think it's time we stop
Children, what's that sound?
Everybody look, what's going down?”

~ Buffalo Springfield

I wanted to speak about the events that began on Indiana University campuses starting on Thursday, 4/25/24. As a parent of an IU Student, I am greatly disturbed by the military response from both State and IU police departments that began threatening and arresting students engaging in peaceful protests on campus. There were snipers on top of the Indiana Memorial Union (IMU) building and armored vehicles patrolling the streets while police created barricades in riot gear with pepper spray and batons. [The irony is not lost on me that students are protesting a war while being met with war machines at home.] The police claim they were responding to temporary tents or canopies that needed to be taken down that were in violation of IU policy. The referenced policy, already highlighted elsewhere as being created without transparency, was introduced less than 24 hours before to give police provocation to arrest students and faculty. 

We are normalizing the silencing of protests and putting first responders at unnecessary risks when we should be supporting peaceful protests and de-escalating tensions through nonviolent measures. Historically, student protests have been central to the arc of justice moving forward for the better. This reaction aimed to undermine the First Amendment freedoms of students and faculty. Our leaders should uphold First Amendment rights and prioritize community safety rather than suppressing or trying to silence dissenting voices.

IU draws students and faculty from all over the world. Attempts to silence peaceful voices with violence will threaten future enrollment and show a profound lack of concern for safety. Escalating militarized responses on Indiana college campuses, such as IU, further weakens Indiana’s educational position and economic influence. These are trying times in our communities, in our state, and in our country, but there is a path forward together. May we look for the road less traveled and come together in peace to walk together in harmony. (One such example I support is the Gaza Ceasefire Pilgrimage.)

Upcoming Events

May 2 - 4  Canvassing in Johnson Co.

May 7        Primary Election

May 8        Morgan County Dems (240 E. Washington St., Martinsville)


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